D U N G E O N   M A S T E R   J A V A S C R I P T
                       List of changes from the original game

         I made several changes from the original version of the game, mostly
      because it would have taken too much time to implement the entire engine.
      Here it is the list of the most noticeable changes (in random order).

      - There are only 2 levels: the first is the exact copy of the original
        one, while the second is not.
      - The inventory has not been implemented, you can take items but you do 
        not have access to them.
      - You cannot die: if you try to die by hitting the walls, you will be 
        healed by the spirit of some famous mages (btw: in the original game 
        only the campions near the hitted wall take damage, in this demo the 
        whole party is injured).
      - In the original game you can see the picture of the selected champion
        only when you open the inventory: in this demo the pictures are always
      - No stamina loss.
      - Spells are the same as the original game but they do not consume the
        same amout of mana and moreover they are replaced by Skyrim shouts, for
        example try the most famous one, "FUS RO DAH!" by choosing [any]-6-3-5.
      - No weapons, only bare hand (and women champions can't perform "war cry"
      - Although the stats of the champions are the same as the original game,
        the class of the champion is not shown.
      - Obviously the "Enter with Facebook" option was not present in the 
        original game.
      - No monsters are there.
      - In the normal version of this demo you can only resurrect the champions
        while if you log in with Facebook you can only reincarnate them.
      - You can't rearrange the positions of your party's members.

         I hope to not have forgotten anything.
         Btw sorry for my English.